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Welcome to the official website of the European DARE Consortium.

Our partnership aims at raising the level of awareness as regards disability and daily life of disabled people in modern society, i.e. the knowledge society.

DARE project outcomes are training programmes raising the participants’ awareness in the area of disability. At its previous stage, the project focused primarily on academic teachers and public administration staff.

The ongoing DARE 2 is developing a training programme for academic teachers as well as a brand new course for managers from small and medium-sized enterprises. As was the case with previous training programmes, the latter scheme is going to be transferred from the UK.
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In its work involving the promotion of participation of disabled people in social life, the DARE Consortium co-operates with European educational institutions with the partners attending many specialised conferences, workshops and seminars on access to mainstream education by disabled people.
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Disability Awareness means solid knowledge on disability, combating stereotypes and providing information on ways of active support, that is support based on empowering disabled people in various areas of social life. Such an approach requires involvement from members of society and disabled people themselves, yet it also brings major benefits to both.

Disability awareness also means promotion of attitudes of openness and tolerance towards disabled people, the largest minority in European societies who also make up those societies as their citizens.
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Following the rules informing pilot projects developed and implemented as part of the Lifelong Learning programme, work contributed by Consortium partners focuses on innovation transfer. In this particular case, it is transfer of knowledge from the UK, where disability awareness training is relatively well developed.
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A bulletin of the Jagiellonian University Disability Support Service

The first issue of the Jagiellonian University Disability Support Service Bulletin is already out, a publication disseminating solid knowledge of disability in the context of access to education. The Bulletin has been published thanks to financial support from the DARE 2 project.

If you are interested, and in particular are active in the field of education, please have a closer look at our must-read Bulletin!

e-Bulletin pdf

To receive it in the traditional format, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

A short film featuring the last DARE conference

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Short multimedia material about conference

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