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Training programmes

The training programmes developed as part of the DARE project target academic teachers, administrative staff and managers from small and medium-sized enterprises. They aim at providing the participants with solid knowledge on disability: its types, barriers that stem from it and ways to eliminate them.

The programmes offer a form of group training facilitating knowledge and skill acquisition through experience and independent development of solutions in debates and individual reflection. The workshop programme is based on a variety of working techniques that assumes making active use of the experience contributed by individual participants. The materials in use are multimedia-based (educational films and presentations) whilst exercises prepared for the trainees include as its core activation methods such as brainstorm, debates and role play. The workshop develops on the basis of the participants’ individual experiences, reflections and outcomes of their group work.

The benefits the trainees will derive from the DARE workshop include knowledge of alternative communications techniques used by people with certain types of disability as well as readiness to assume a supportive attitude towards disabled people. Another major asset of the workshop is knowledge improving the skills of running classes/courses for and working with people who require various adaptations of the physical and social environments.

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