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Knowledge Transfer

Our training programmes are built on the impressive knowledge capital accumulated by the DARE Consortium. In the DARE 2 project, this knowledge is updated and will serve to further develop the training programmes and adapt them to new employee groups. Also, a training programme will soon be developed for managers from small and medium-sized enterprises. This will be the 3rd training package developed by the DARE Consortium.

The capital of the DARE Consortium comprises the following:
•    more than ten years of experience contributed by the Jagiellonian University Disability Support Service in its work for disabled students and, consequently, in co-operation with Jagiellonian University academic staff; find out more by visiting the Service website: www.bon.uj.edu.pl
•    knowledge contributed by the partners
•    the DARE Consortium, various educational institutions and their experience of many years in work for the enhanced participation of disabled people in social life, and
•    knowledge from external experts serving on the Quality Management Group.

The DARE Consortium working team has made many study visits to such European schools of higher education as Universities of Cambridge, Padua, Bangor, Edinburgh, Reykjavik, Aarhus, Newcastle, and Durham, during which models were discussed of active support of disabled people in their pursuit of university education. Representatives of the Consortium have taken part and still participate in many specialist conferences, workshops and seminars in Europe and the United States, where issues are discussed related to the broad participation of disabled people in social life.

Given the above it is clear that – in addition to knowledge transfer from the UK, where a system of disability awareness training is relatively well developed – the DARE Consortium makes use of the great potential of knowledge and experience accumulated as a result of many years of work contributed by many people.
That is why our training programmes are so unique and can offer so much to the participants. Interested in our training packages? Just contact us.

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